Around the World

Get ready to sample a variety of
beverages from around the globe, all
from the Coca-Cola family of brands.
Enjoy your adventure around the world!

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Take a Sip Around the World

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Stoney® Tangawizi – Tanzania
Stoney Tangawizi is a naturally flavored sparkling ginger beer beverage. Tangawizi means “ginger” in Swahili, where it is a traditional native herb.

Bonaqua® Fruits Apple Pear  – Germany
First launched in Germany in 1988, Bonaqua gradually spread across the European market, where it is widely available today. Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear is a lightly sweetened, sparkling beverage with a mild fruity taste.

Mazoe® Blackberry – Zimbabwe
Available as a sweet blackberry flavored syrup in Africa, Mazoe Blackberry is diluted with water to make a beverage.

Minute Maid® Joy Apple Lychee – Korea
Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee is a still beverage with ripe apple and lychee notes.  Lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to southern China and now cultivated in many parts of the world.

Del Valle® Jamaica & Nada – Mexico
Jamaica & Nada (pronounced "ha-my-kah") is a refreshing, still beverage available in Mexico. It features a rich, ruby red color and the unique tart and floral flavors of hibiscus.

Fanta® Kolita – Costa Rica
Fanta Kolita, available exclusively in Costa Rica, is a sparkling beverage with a smooth blend of exotic, floral fruitiness. Its sweet and slightly tangy character may remind you of grenadine.

Fanta® Strawberry – Panama
Reminiscent of strawberry cream soda, Kist Strawberry is a sweet, sparkling beverage only available in Panama.

Thums Up® – India
Featuring the taste of a strong cola with a spicy bite, Thums Up is the best-selling soft drink brand in India and the first beverage from that country to be available in Taste It! Because of its strong taste, Thums Up is often viewed as a mature, masculine drink with the "Taste of Thunder."

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Beverly – Italy
Introduced in Italy in 1969, Beverly is a non-alcoholic aperitif that is typically consumed before meals. Because of its distinctive taste, it is one of our most popular, must-try drinks.

Sparletta® Sparberry –Zimbabwe
This beverage, launched in 1955, tastes like raspberry cream soda and is available exclusively in several countries across central and southern Africa.

Sprite® Cucumber – Romania
Sprite originally launched in 1961 and is now enjoyed in over 190 countries around the world. Sprite Cucumber from Romania has a crisp cucumber flavor, providing a refreshing twist on this classic lemon-lime beverage.

Aquarius® Libre – Spain
Aquarius Libre, with less than 5 calories in a 12 fl oz cup, is a still hydration beverage with added electrolytes and a pleasant lemon taste.

Fanta® Melon Frosty – Thailand
With the taste of sweet melon, this refreshing sparkling beverage is beloved in Thailand’s sunny, tropical climate.

Fuse Tea Ice Tea® Berries – Georgia
FUSE Tea Ice Tea Berries is a fresh, contemporary fusion of black tea and fruit flavors.

Inca Kola® – Peru
Created in Peru in 1935, Inca Kola is a golden yellow sparkling beverage with a sweet, fruity taste that many compare to liquid bubblegum. Chefs often incorporate the beverage into signature Peruvian dishes through traditional gourmet cooking.

Smart® Sour Plum – China
Suan Mei Tang or Sour Plum Tea is a traditional Chinese beverage that has existed for over 1,000 years. Fanta Sour Plum has a savory, sweet and tart flavor that is considered by many to be the ultimate sparkling thirst quencher on a hot day.